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Addressing Mortons Neuroma

Overview Some sources claim that entrapment of the plantar nerve because of compression between the metatarsal heads, as originally proposed by Morton, is highly unlikely, because the plantar nerve is on the plantar side of the transverse metatarsal ligament and … Continue reading

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What Is Plantar Fasciitis

Overview Plantar fasciitis is that pain in the bottom of your foot usually in the heel. That pain hurts especially with the first few steps in the morning as you get out of bed. This strange name comes from: “Plantar” … Continue reading

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Exercise Movements For Tinea Treatment

If your High Arched Feet feels like a bruise or a dull ache, you may have metatarsalgia People with metatarsalgia will often find that the pain is aggravated by walking in bare feet and on hard floor surfaces. Pain in … Continue reading

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Insoles are commonly worn to help support the arches. My opinion is they are great if there is pain,discomfort that intervenes with activities but if no other concern, its not necessary. An insole supports the arch but doesn’t develop it, … Continue reading

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My Heel Hurts & I Have Sharp Pain When I Walk

A heel spur is a bony growth usually found under the heel bone or calcaneus bone. The heel bone (calcaneus) is the largest bone in the foot and plays a big part in taking shock and pressure as we walk … Continue reading

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Pes Planus (Flat Foot)

Patellofemoral pain is believed to be caused by abnormal tracking of the kneecap and can be the result of a number of factors including muscle tightness, weakness and “overuse”. Individual anatomical factors and improper equipment fit also contribute to PFP. … Continue reading

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